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Las Vegas is a fun city to visit especially with Fall Comdex and the APCUG events there. This year again, Olympus provided me with a camera and I wanted to show off some of the pictures that I took. You have my permission to use them in APCUG User Group newsletters or other APCUG publications.

These were made with the new Olympus D600L Digital Camera. Most pictures on these pages started life at a higher resolution and have been reduced to 200x150, about 10k in size. All of these pictures are available in their original format (and there were more than I have here).


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Near the Empire State Bldg.
Only this time, In Las Vegas, Nevada

Pictures of APCUG People.

More Pictures of APCUG People and events.

Pictures from the Fall Comdex '98 show floor.

Some Other Odds and Ends from Comdex.

Some of Our APCUG Fall Comdex '98 Sponsors.

All About The Olympus D600L Camera

List of all Pictures Available

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