APCUG Fall Comdex 2000 More Information

Like years past, we took a lot of pictures. There were a lot of us borrowing the Kodak camera and naturally, quite a few people brought their own. You can never have too many memory cards available. Alan and Roy also took a ton of pictures as did Art Skopec. Every night, we would go back to the room and downloaded pictures.

With the pictures filling a CD, it was pointless to list them individually. If you are interested in one of the pictures, please send me a note. Also, if you are interested in something that is not here, let me know, there is a good chance that one of us might have something.

Finally, if you recognize someone who I forgot in one of the pictures, please send me a note as well.

For personal computer User Group events, the events held at Comdex Fall is not to be missed. APCUG reports will have a lot of information, and you will start to see images and writeups showing up more and more. Go to the APCUG Web site for more information, pictures, and articles. One of the best organizations for user groups to know.

And Finally, my most interesting comdex Experience. A well done information booth, some dates to eat, and an interesting web site at . Sheikh Mohammed

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You can also check out the APCUG Comdex Fall '98 page as well for pictures of that show.

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