APCUG Fall Comdex 2000
Some Interesting things and People
Ceasar's Palace
One of the places to
be around Comdex.
intuit.jpg (11968 bytes)
cowpland.jpg (9494 bytes) Sandy Hyde

Jasc Software
Billowing Clouds Made of Fabric Looked pretty neat eubanks.jpg (7273 bytes)
powerq.jpg (11921 bytes) Can You Walk through walls?
The Wired Man
elshadd.jpg (8916 bytes)
vendors.jpg (11697 bytes) Richard Relaxing,

the Mckatz Brothers

Want to go a little one on one ?
Chip Prior with Pictorico Makers of great photo paper.
Looking towards the Hilton
Entertainment Pavalion
Mercedes Test Drive at Comdex
A Plastic Cow ??
Gary Saxer, found again
The Orleans, Home away from home
I will still take it, even with the logos
and there so much more....

did you see the jugglers, the bimbos, the high wire act, card sharps, cars, and, over dressed clowns ??

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