APCUG Fall Comdex 2000 Sponsors
Pictures of Some of our APCUG Sponsors.
cowpland.jpg (9494 bytes) Louise Miller,

Systems, Inc.

Ylonda Davis


intuit.jpg (11968 bytes)
Dave Whittle and his wife

MGI Software

eubanks.jpg (7273 bytes)
powerq.jpg (11921 bytes) Keith Renty


Gene Barlow

Powerquest Corp.

elshadd.jpg (8916 bytes)
vendors.jpg (11697 bytes) Matt and Richard,

the Mckatz Brothers

Intuit Evangelists

David Mayhew

IDG Books

Ron Kobler

Smart Computing

And Others, from....
JASC Software
Adaptec, Inc.
Casady & Greene
and there were many more....

sorry to say, I did not get their pictures.

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