China, 5000 Years of History

We had a wonderful time on this trip. We traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel and were fortunate to have an excellent group to travel with which made for an even better trip. You will see the places that we went and get a great glimpse of an incredible country and its people. We spent 19 days on this trip plus time for travel to and from China. They were very long flights and if you go by coach, you have my sympathy.

Images of China, Some Favorite Pictures

Beijing and the Forbidden City

The Great Wall ,Ming Tombs and a Hutong,

Summer Palace to Xian's Terra Cotta Army

Wuhan and the Yangtze Before the Flood

Yangtze River Journey - Lesser Three Gorges

the Yangtze to Wanxian and Chengdu

Tibet, Roof of the World & The Potala Palace,

FromTibet to the Pandas in Chengdu

Hong Kong and the Harbor

More Images of the People of China

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Travel Tips and Planning for China

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Our travel group with OAT. And if you can believe it, I really liked them all, they were fun to travel with, and we got along great.
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